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A "must" for any TMJ/Orthodontic library !

"A Practical Atlas of TMJ and Cephalometric Radiology" by Richard W. Greenan $595.00 (US)

Consists of 60 actual quality duplicate Radiographs depicting both the norms in addition to the common (as well as not so common) anomalies that should be seen on Cephalograms, Cervical Spines, PA's, Panoramics, Submental Vertexes, Tomograms, and Transcranials. Each radiograph is traced -out on clear laminate to demonstrate the pertinent anatomy and anomalies necessary to support the radiographic diagnosis as taught by today's leading authorities in TMJ and Orthodontic/Orthopedics.

Amongst the many anomalies, you will see the following with its repective narrative on each describing the disease and or deviation which is so important to today's practicing clinician:

Airspace false positives

Condylar agenesis

Osteoarthritis of the TMJ

Airway impingement

Condylar hyperplasia

Paranasal sinuses

Anti-gonial notching

Coronoid process hyperplasia

Patient positioning effects

Cephalometric analysis

Cranial base distortions

Spondylitis of the cervical spine

Cervical plexus, vertebral

Craniocervical analysis

Static electricity

artery impingement

Craniosymmetry PA analysis

Stylohyoid ligament ossification

Cervical spine kyphosis

Normals: cervical, skeletal

TMJ exostoses

Cervical spine scoliosis

Osteoarthritis of the cervical spine

True condylar "beaking"

Read what the experts are saying:


JCO/ January 1992 "There aren't many professional publications in which readers receive their money's worth within the first six pages, but Greenan's Atlas is an exception...Greenan clearly knows his subject and has compiled a superior reference for those who insist on high-quality diagnostic radiographs".

CRANIO®/ July 1993 "For the therapist interested in any area of temporomandibular (TMD) patients, this atlas is good for educational or refresher purposes. All offices could benefit from this being a part of their library."

Dr. Tom K. Hedge, West Chester, OH "For those who are interested in interpretation of Tomos etc, there is an excellent "Practical Atlas" that was put together by Dick. It's a wonderful tutorial (approximately 60 sections - with approximately 3-4 views each) that walks you through normal radiographs (Cephs, pans, transcranials, and tomos) and common anomalies as well. After reviewing it, I think this is a must for anyone either just starting out or even seasoned veterans. It can be used as an educational tool for yourself, your staff and your patients."

Dr. Jay Gerber, St. Mary's, WV "Your book is excellent. It has already proven to be an excellent tool in teaching and patient education."

Dr. Brock Rondeau, London, ONT "Dick Greenan's Atlas is state of the art. There is nothing anywhere to compare with the information which is so graphically presented. This manual is a must for all TMJ-orthodontic practitioners."

Dr. Brendan Stack, Vienna, VA "This book is a unique reference source for the pain clinician in that it puts in one place all of the knowledge needed to make a definitive diagnosis and proceed with treatment."

Dr. Robert Talley, Norman, OK "This represents one of the best pieces of work that I have seen for teaching radiographic interpretation. . . .I cannot recommend it highly enough to those individuals who are looking for such guidance."

Dr. Robert Gerety, Henryetta, OK "A very thorough and well organized atlas of radiography which can be an invaluable tool for teaching and training your staff."

Dr. John W. Witzig, Director, TMJ Institute of America "This is an excellent Atlas on TMJ, tomograms, transcranials, cephalograms, cervical spine and panoramic radiographs. It shows actual x-ray films and points out normal and abnormal findings. This book is a must for those doctors who want to perfect their diagnosis skills." 


Includes all of the updated techniques and exposure charts for all intra-oral and Transcranial, Cephalometric and TMJ radiography, Radiation dosages, technical information for all manual tanks and automatic processors. 90 plus pages.